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Many rock and pop greats got their beginnings in classical. Classical music exposes you to musical subtleties that will help give musicians that edge.

Keyboard players such as Elton John, Bon Jovi's David Bryan, and Tori Amos are all well trained in Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Jazz pianists, as well, usually start in classical.


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Calling all Musicians! We are making some changes in our business. We are now a one stop shop for all of your piano and organ needs. At the same time. we are placing the highest emphasis on student learning. In fact, we want to show you that we are here to teach you what you truly want to learn. Whether you are young or old or beginner or advanced - we have something here for you. We teach classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip-hop and more. Let our experienced instructors guide you all the way to learning your favorite songs and mastering techniques you never thought were possible. And though we specialize in keyboards, we can certainly get you equipped with other instruments.

Get started now. Watch the NAMM video on the side. We assure you that you will find happiness through music. Even on just 15 minutes a day.

Beyer Music has been in business since 1981. We are for bringing music to the family. Started by musicians for musicians and anybody wishing to experience the happiness of music. We are now selling pianos, keyboards, and organs. We pride ourselves on musical education. Coming very soon we will have an eStore selling smaller items such as lite keyboards, accessories, and other items.


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Happy 2014! This year we are giving the best price breaks. We have some clearance instruments as well as new inventory. So stop in for a bargain and ask for Ken or Betsy. You will be in for a surprise. Lessons are included with purchases.

Feel free to access our contact form and tell us something about yourself. You will receive $25.00 off a purchase of $200.00 or more. That's in addition to the regular percentage off these clearance items. Plus, sign up for lessons before January 25th and you will receive the lesson bundle! Some examples of our brands are:

  • Digital Rolands (many models)
  • Digital Suzuki
  • Brand New Grands
  • Used Pianos-Many Brands To Choose From
  • Hammond Organs - Check out the Sk1
  • Rentals and Rent To Own
  • Samick Grand and Vertical Pianos


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