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Piano and Organ Lessons at Beyer Music

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Don’t wait! Signup for lessons! Beyer Music, in business 35 yrs as a music teacher, is still a great deal. Ken Beyer has taught piano and organ students. Beginners are given a firm foundation. We have found that student enjoyment of music greatly increases. There is nothing better in life that the gift of music. Our goal is to get you to play along with your favorite songs. And for pianists we will have you rocking with Beethoven, Mozart and Bach!

Recently Ken has helped develope such students as Rachel Inman. She is a professional organist and pianist who is now at Princeton. Ken has also given lessons to Whoopi Goldberg. The multi talented Whoopi took lessons years ago at her home in Sharon Connecticut. Actually, although it was just a start for Whoopi, Ken had a very good relationship andthe two worked great together.

Chris Beyer, as noted, will be giving guitar lessons primarily to beginners at this point. They will be given via Skype. He will get students to play songs as well as master scales and chords.

Best rates available!

Video From Alice in Chains Concert in Atlantic City

Alice In Chains at Trump Taj Mahal from Chris Beyer on Vimeo.

Alice In Chains – Jar of Flies

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the 90’s. To Alternative Rock. An era of rebellion and many surprises. This era produced many tremendous rock groups including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. My favorite in this group was Nirvana. I believe they made such an impact. I just watched a video of the last days of Kurt Cobain-Last-Days. They were actually underdogs. When they became famous that was not what was most important to Kurt Cobain. Yet he was so consumed with drug addiction toward the end. He had a good marriage to Courtney Love(also-rockstar) but it was hard to stop his self destructive actions.

Then there was Alice in Chains. They were alternative but brought a whole different sound. There were far from my favorite band in the nineties. They were very loud and were basically heavy metal. Most similar to Stone Temple Pilot but loader. The then lead singer had a real mean sound but it gave them their distinctiveness.

  • Well here’s a case of liking the band after you see and hear them in concert. They are truly great. I had here a whole album in addition to the Atlantic City recordings. This album “A Jar of Flies” I consider their best. It came out in 1993. It has their unforgettable songs and sounds. Check it out! Chris
    The Initial Lineup:
    Layne Staley-Lead Singer – Passed in 2002
    Jerry Cantrell- Guitarist/Songwriter
    Sean Kinney- Drummer
    Michael Starr-Bassist
    Willian Devall -Took Over As Lead Vocalist 2006

Jar of Flies

Alice In Chains Atlantic City

7/23/16 at Trump Taj Mahal



A Lesson With Jaco Pastorius

This is it. This is a great lesson for any bassist or guitarist. During this interview in the 80’s Jaco really gets the mesage axross on what is critial in 4 string bass and applies to guitar as well. Scales, harmonies, melodies, performance are all addressed here. This interview can give anyone a lifetime of information that is critical. Don’t miss!!!

The Roland Grand Pianos – Sold at Beyer Music

Prince Vs Michael Jackson- Part 1

Not to take the light off of Prince here. The idea is to give a history of Prince and how he compared to Michael Jackson. A major difference is that Prince really tool care of his musical affairs by himself. He started out literally as a one man band whereas Michael certainly didn’t. Yet Michael was always the frontman. As you will see these two musicians were so talented they truly ruled the 80’s.

Movie of Prince in the 80’s

Michael Jackson and Prince


The Jaco Pastorius Story

JACO.Title3 from Chris Beyer on Vimeo.

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