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Gregg Allman dies at Age 69

Gregg Allman(Musician), one of two Allman Brothers, died Saturday as a result of liver complications. He was 69. He had a long career that began actually in the early 60’s. He picked up music at a young age initially buying a guitar from Sears that he got by earning money on his paper route. It was called a Silvertone. He and brother Duane later changed instruments. Duane became the guitarist and Gregg was the singer and organist. They formed The Almond Joys in 1967. Shortly thereafter they became The Allman Brothers. They picked up guitarist Dickie Betts and two drummers Jamoe and Butch Trucks. Later bassist Berry Oakley. That was the early band with Duane being the guitar virtuoso and Gregg the singer,organist,and writer.(1)

Gregg has more longevity than any rock musician known to man. He was a great man who was very steadfast in his music. He along with the rest of The Allman Brothers Band basically created Southern Rock. Gregg has had a very colorful life and has been married several times including his marriage to entertainer Cher. His funeral will be this Saturday and will

be small. However fans are asked to line the street for the funeral procession along the mile-long route from Snow’s Memorial Chapel to the Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia.(2)

(1) Rollingstone Magazine, The Allman Brothers Band: 30 Years of Ups and Downs, November 25th 1999, Gavin Edwards.

(2) Rollingstone Magazine, The Allman Brothers, May 2017

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Billy Bragg

Ladies and gentleman,
We have a recommendation from my sister Susan O’Neill from England. Billy Bragg the man and the fighter of causes has a short video clip here. His songs are so amazing and sung with such heat. Susan has been a fan of Billy’s since she was in college. Enjoy!

I Keep Faith from Chris Beyer on Vimeo.

On The Show Floor At NAMM 2017

NAMM 2017

Punk it Uo!

NAMM 2017

A great show this year.  The NAMM brings “Everybody” in the music industry together.  This includes retailers who directly sell the merchandise as well as manufacturers who put out state of the art products.  The show’s exciting with artists constantly demonstrating products and putting on concerts at night.  The show also has a career center for those desire to make music their life and passion.


The Best All Around Coverage of George Michael’s Musical Career.

The evolution of George Micheal is shown in this timeline in the website.  Many famous musicians also included.

George Michael’s Musical Career

The George Michael Website

Video From Alice in Chains Concert in Atlantic City

Alice In Chains at Trump Taj Mahal from Chris Beyer on Vimeo.

Alice In Chains – Jar of Flies

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the 90’s. To Alternative Rock. An era of rebellion and many surprises. This era produced many tremendous rock groups including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. My favorite in this group was Nirvana. I believe they made such an impact. I just watched a video of the last days of Kurt Cobain-Last-Days. They were actually underdogs. When they became famous that was not what was most important to Kurt Cobain. Yet he was so consumed with drug addiction toward the end. He had a good marriage to Courtney Love(also-rockstar) but it was hard to stop his self destructive actions.

Then there was Alice in Chains. They were alternative but brought a whole different sound. There were far from my favorite band in the nineties. They were very loud and were basically heavy metal. Most similar to Stone Temple Pilot but loader. The then lead singer had a real mean sound but it gave them their distinctiveness.

  • Well here’s a case of liking the band after you see and hear them in concert. They are truly great. I had here a whole album in addition to the Atlantic City recordings. This album “A Jar of Flies” I consider their best. It came out in 1993. It has their unforgettable songs and sounds. Check it out! Chris
    The Initial Lineup:
    Layne Staley-Lead Singer – Passed in 2002
    Jerry Cantrell- Guitarist/Songwriter
    Sean Kinney- Drummer
    Michael Starr-Bassist
    Willian Devall -Took Over As Lead Vocalist 2006

Jar of Flies

Alice In Chains Atlantic City

7/23/16 at Trump Taj Mahal



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