NAMM 2014

NAMM 2014 concluded on Sunday.  The Convention is a do not miss for musicians, retailers, educators, and innovators.  It brings everything in the music world together in one central place – Southern California.

We will give a brief breakdown ow what happened.  In general. the Convention gives the biggest boost to retailers who are looking to gather more information and create deals with manufacturers.  Retailers go to educational seminars and clinics while allocating their time also to manufacturers.  Their is nothing like the products that are coming out today from companies all over the world.  Instruments will never be the same.  And performers will take things to new heights with all the recording and production power available.

  How did NAMM amplify the industry in 2014? NAMM AMPLIFY 2014

Remember Bernie Williams ex Yankees player?

This is what he does these days. Sounding pretty darn good. He was a leader at the pre-show block party.

More To Come

2000 Miles

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2013 Pretenders

2000 Miles

Sorry-this is not really a Christmas Song. However it is played a lot at Christmas time. I like Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders so much I jumped the gun but left it on. It is very dramatic with a slow fade in. This song is actually from 1983 and has to do with the original guitarist James Honeymoon-Scott who died the year before 1983. Song reached No. 15 in the UK charts in 1983. Added are three more songs from the album. Just click player to advance. Titles are below.

Plus 3 More Album Greats

  • Back On The Chain Gang
  • Middle Of The Road
  • My City Was Gone

Lou Reed dies at age 71

Lou Reed, a creative musical genius, dies at the age of 71 as a result of liver complications. In essence, he created a new genre of music on the 60′s and 70′s writing songs that expressed urban life in black and white. Listening to his songs was like being at a carnival. They were so intriguing. Songs like “A walk on the wild side” with its bass intro seemed like tall tales, when in actuality they simply expressed life in those circles. Many of his albums just cut to the core of street life. I means man “what an eye”. Much of his creative life as a performer was given a start with the group Velvet Underground. He made a bridge with several other creative musicians at this time. Please read and view much of this material.

The Music of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven was the man. If he didn’t rock and roll then no one did. His bass lines made today’s top bass players look quite small. Only kidding. We don’t compare. We just just have a few songs here including Fur Elise, other Bagatelles, and Ecossaises(wow a tough one to spell). Fur Elise has always been popular with students. Sounds easy but not really. Students should wait til they fully understand dynamics, rubato, and grace notes. Listen to Fur Elise which starts soft and goes all out in the middle. Believe me Beethoven didn’t need an amp.

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          Songlist by Track 1. Fur Elise 2. Bagatelles, op. 126: 1 Andante Con Moto 3. Bagatelles, op. 126: 1I Allegro 4. Bagatelles, op. 126: 1II Andante 5. Ecosaisses, WoO 83: No. 1 6. Ecosaisses, WoO 83: No. 2

Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters

Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters Man I lucked out. I was surfing Pandora Radio the other day. Man I heard something really different.  So cool it was unbelievable. I see the band  Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters. Where have they been? Full bio coming out soon.  In the meantime I will give you a taste.  Reeeeeel Blues!!!  These guys really do it.  Check it out with the first song on the recent album “just for today”. It is called  “The Big Train”. Just Click! And more coming!!

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Ray Manzarek 1939 – 2013

Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek died in Rosenheim  Germany Monday after a long fight with cancer.  He was 74 . Ray was a keyboard genius who was a founding member of the rock group The Doors. He had a remarkable ability to perform, create, innovate, and help produce.  His death brings us back to all that he was as a musician and as a Doors performer. For decades his organ and keyboard solos had us dazzled. How could something sound so unbelievably good?  His riffs brought Jim Morrison to heights and true immortality. Ray initially said to Jim Morrison( while sitting on a beach in LA Coast) that Jim’s lyrical writing was so powerful. It needed music. Jim could do the singing. Ray orchestrated it along with Robby Krieger(guitarist) and John Densmore(drummer). As they got gigs and were playing, the personality of the band evolved. Jim would put on shows that were wild. Ray played along with that organ that created “most all” the bass lines as in “Riders On The Storm”. Not enough can be said about a legend like Ray Manzarek. Ray continued to do a lot of playing in his later years. In 2002 he began touring with Robby Krieger. I chose this YouTube video because it shows Ray in his later years.  More will be added about Ray and The Doors.


Mark Johnson and Emory Lestor at NAMM 2003

NAMM Show 2013 – Final Preparation

This year’s NAMM Show is the best.     Part of gearing up for the new year is the NAMM Convention in Anaheim CA.   Attracting retailers, musicians, and manufacturers from all over the world.  This is where deals are made!

Another Guitar Review

Beyer Music 2012 Piano Recital

This is the 2012 Beyer Music Piano Recital Lots of talent shown here. Students did very well here at the Sullivan Senior Center. Students performed many music styles.

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